About Factoring

Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable for cash. It is one of the most versatile funding mechanisms in the financial industry today since it is quick, simple and relies on the strength of your current accounts receivable rather than historical financial measures traditionally used by banks and other financial institutions.

Because of its unique flexibility, factoring often gives businesses access to capital when other sources are not available. That’s why the use of factoring has increased substantially since the early 1990’s. Access to capital is the foundation of growth.

Factoring helps your business grow by unlocking the value of your receivables and accelerating cash flow. Imagine the possibilities if you received a substantial portion of your receivables whenever you wanted as opposed to waiting some 30 to 60 days, or longer.

It can happen, and it can happen more easily than you might think.

We Help You Grow!

Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow uncertainty can cripple a growing business. By selling invoices and accelerating the receipt of cash from current receivables, you gain control of your cash cycles. Use this enhanced cash flow to:

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  • Make Payroll
  • Pay Creditors
  • Pay Current or Back Taxes
  • Take Early Payor Volume Discounts
  • Offer Extended Terms
  • Pursue Larger Orders and Jobs
  • Meet Seasonal Demands
  • Fund Sales Campaigns

The improvements to your business can be astonishing:

  • Sales and Profits Increase as Cash Flow Concerns Related to Serving Larger Customers and Orders are Removed
  • Credit Ratings Improve as Vendor and Other Payments Become More Timely
  • Unusual Events Become More Easily Managed
  • Your Company Grows and Becomes More Valuable

Maintain Control

And because you decide which invoices to sell and when to sell them, you stay in complete control of your finances and your business.

  • Keep Full Ownership
  • Keep Equity Funds Intact
  • Reduce Bank or Investor Interference
  • Sell With Confidence – Knowing Your Funding Facility Will Grow as Your Sales Grow … with Unlimited Potential

Enhance Productivity

With a Custom Factoring Facility in place, you and your employees will enjoy many built-in benefits, including:


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  • Minimal Paperwork and Hassle
  • Professional Credit Assistance
  • Detailed Management Reports for Simplified Bookkeeping
  • Relief From Creditors
  • More Time to Spend with Customers and Focus on Business Growth




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You will be amazed at how fast and easy the funding process can be. Also, by funding with Faith Capital, you can rest assured of:

  • No Minimum Number of Invoices
  • No Minimum Dollar Amount Per Invoice
  • No Long-Term Contract Requirement
  • Extremely Competitive Terms
  • No Hidden Charges

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